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Party404 is the biggest geek party in Transylvania, organized exclusively for and by the local developer community in Cluj-Napoca. It's purpose is to bring together all developers and IT entrepreneurs from the city for drinks, laughs, great music and tons of great people.

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We put our efforts in people, details and the creativity of senses. And so, the successful story of a fine-dining restaurant in Cluj-Napoca begins.

The Fragment restaurant is a completely atypical space, essentially different from the Arena where it resides and is ready to indulge its’ clients in a special and unique experience. The name “Fragment” is inspired by a very intense lack of compatibility between the restaurant and the Arena. Our space separates itself from the sporting context of the stadium and is defined by some distinct elements: elegance, eccentric sensations, refined presence, trust, inspiration, quality. It’s a modern, alive, cutting-edge style establishment. It is a piece that is neither additional, nor missing from the whole context of the Arena and it creates for itself a strong, personal identity from fragments of ideas and forms.


Cluj-Napoca, Splaiul Independenței, Cluj Arena


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